Scotland has just broken a renewable energy record by generating the equivalent of 118% of the nation’s electricity for six days – solely through wind power captured between January and June.

According to analysis provided by WWF Scotland, this year’s wind power output jumped by 25% compared to the same period in 2015.

This means that in June alone, over 1 million megawatts of electricity were generated by wind power. Since January, turbines have generated over 6.6 million megawatts – the equivalent of powering all 3 million of Scotland’s homes for six days.

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“The first six months of 2017 have certainly been incredible for renewables, with wind turbines alone helping to ensure millions of tons of climate-damaging carbon emissions were avoided,” Sam Gardner, WWF Scotland’s acting director, said in a statement.

“Scotland is continuing to break records on renewable electricity, attracting investment, creating jobs and tackling climate change. If we want to reap the same rewards in the transport and heating sectors we need the Scottish Government to put in place strong policies on energy efficiency and transport in the forthcoming Climate Change Bill.”

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