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Watch the Sweet Moment a Woman Rings Hospital ‘Cancer-Free Bell’ – and Accidentally Breaks it With Excitement

This woman's joyful reaction to finally being able to ring her hospital's “cancer-free bell” earlier this month is winning hearts across social media.

Perros Detectan Cáncer de Pulmón con 97% de Precisión Podrían ponerle Fin a los Costosos Métodos de Tamizaje

Tres perros de raza beagle han demostrado exitosamente que son capaces de identificar el cáncer de pulmón a través del olfato, el primer paso...

Dogs Detecting Lung Cancer With 97% Accuracy May Spell the End of Expensive Screening Methods

Researchers are delighted to report that three specially-trained beagles were able to sniff out malignant lung cancer tumors with 97% accuracy.

Google Creates New AI That Can Outperform Doctors in Diagnosing Most Commonly Lethal Form of Cancer

This new deep learning system was able to outperform doctors in diagnosing one of the most commonly fatal forms of cancer in the US.

Broccoli Isn’t Just Good For You; Scientists Find It Holds Molecule That Could Be the ‘Achilles’s Heel’ of Cancer

The researchers say that the molecule could be the key to unlocking “one of the most important tumor suppressors in the history of cancer genetics.”

Superhero Kids and Families Get Day Away From Cancer at Great America Amusement Park This Mother’s Day

Imagine 500 kids with cancer wearing superhero capes as they explore California’s Great America amusement park in Santa Clara. Well, that’s exactly what will...

Stranger Donates 2 Wigs to Mom With Brain Cancer – and Saved the Quality of Her Life With a Bit of Advice

Thanks to man's compassion towards a stranger, Gail Moffatt had the courage to forego radiation and chemo, and live out her days enjoying Hawaii with family.

Fue Llamado Tonto por su investigación; Ahora el Documental Cuenta como Él Ganó el Premio Nobel por la ‘Cura del Cancer’

Jim Allison ha sido un héroe detrás de algunas de las investigaciones médicas más trascendentes del último cuarto de siglo -pero antes de que...

‘Proton Therapy’ is Noninvasive Treatment for High-Risk Cancers – In Use Today With ‘Excellent’ Success Rate

This “game-changing” treatment also comes with a minimal amount of side effects – and it has been shown to be less costly than traditional radiation.

He Was Called Foolish for His Research; Now Documentary Tells How He Won Nobel Prize for ‘Cancer Cure’

Jim Allison has been the quiet hero behind some of the most ground-breaking medical research of the last quarter century—but before he won the...

Scientists Develop ‘Exciting’ New Road Map for Cancer Cell Weakness to One Day Replace Chemo

In the largest study of its kind, scientists have identified some of the weakest points of cancer cells – and it could spell the end of chemo side effects.

This Questionnaire Could Prevent Thousands of Unnecessary Prostate Cancer Surgeries

A first-of-its-kind online tool could help thousands of prostate cancer patients to abstain from undergoing unnecessary – and risky – medical treatments.

Investigaciones Clínicas Comienzan para ofrecer Inhaladores con Marihuana Medicinal para Aliviar el Dolor Inmediatamente a Pacientes con Cancer en Israel Que no Pueden Fumar

Con la finalidad de poder proveer a los pacientes con cáncer un alivio inmediato del dolor, investigadores iniciaron un ensayo clínico de marihuana medicinal...

Prices of Nearly 400 Anti-Cancer Drugs Slashed by Up to 87%, Expected to Save Patients Millions in India

Hundreds of anti-cancer medications are receiving price cuts as high as 87% thanks to government regulation intended to curb drug profiteering.

Clinical Research Begins On Cannabis Inhalers Offering Immediate Pain Relief to Cancer Patients in Israel Who Can’t Smoke

As a means of providing immediate pain relief for cancer patients, scientists have begun conducting clinical research on delivering medical cannabis concentrates through an...

5-Year-old Girl is Now Cancer-Free Thanks to a Routine Dental Checkup 18 Months Ago

If Hunter Rose had not gotten the early treatment that she needed for her stage four neuroblastoma, she may not have survived the aggressive cancer.

New ‘Trojan Horse’ Cancer Drug Successfully Treats Patients With 6 Different Kinds of Lethal Tumors

A brand new type of cancer drug that acts as a “Trojan horse” to get inside tumor cells has shown promise in patients with...

Boy is Cured of Aggressive Cancer Thanks to Stem Cell Treatment Using Donated Umbilical Cord

This youngster had cancer in 70% of his body when doctors finally resorted to a stem cell treatment that used a donated umbilical cord from Texas.

Un Metal que Fue Traído a la Tierra por un Asteroide que Extinguió a los Dinosaurios Podría Ser Una Cura Para el Cancer

Este metal extraterrestre fue encontrado en el meteoro que se deshizo de los dinosaurios, pero ahora, puede ser usado para curar el cancer, de...

Man is Crowned Bodybuilding World Champion After Beating Cancer Diagnosis That Gave Him Weeks to Live

A 63-year-old was diagnosed with cancer just days after the disease killed his dad—yet he has now been crowned a bodybuilding world champion after...