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Taking a laser to your face and other body parts may seem crazy, but inventors of the “Laser Razor” say it’s the best shave that’s ever grazed humankind.

This innovative device actually uses light instead of metal blades to slice through whiskers and hair, literally melting the hair’s follicles.

Morgan Gustavsson and Paul Binun, inventors of the Skarp, made a breakthrough when they discovered the chromophore, a particle in the hair that absorbs certain wavelengths of light. It is common in every person—regardless of age, sex, or race—allowing the laser razor to work on everyone, even those with light hair, which older laser hair removal treatments missed.beautiful shoes without the pain-graphic-JulieLopezShoes-FB

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Both men and women can use this razor without water, shaving cream, blades, or electricity— that’s a big win for the environment, since shaving requires so many of these resources. Gallons of water are used for shaving in any household and two billion razor blades wind up in landfills in the U.S. and Canada every year.

Another benefit: No more blood trickling down legs and chins..

The Skarp Laser Razors (Swedish for ‘sharp’) are estimated to have a whopping 50,000 hour life expectancy, far surpassing the standard razor blade. The device will provide a month of shaves with a single AAA battery—using rechargeable batteries will keep your environmental shave-print to a minimum.

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Considering that men spend $7,000 on cartridges and razors during their lifetimes and women about $4,500, the $159 price tag for nearly 6 years of shaving sounds like a bargain.

The Kickstarter campaign to get the Skarp Laser Razor into consumers’ hands by March 2016 initially asked for $160,000 to launch the project. To date, they have raised close to $3 million, with 16 days still to go in their campaign.

UPDATE: Kickstarter has removed the Laser Razor project from its website, and it is now on Indiegogo. Kickstarter requires a working prototype, and Skarp has not built their finished prototype yet. They have, however, created a working razor they are calling a “demo” model. They say they are producing the factory-made model updated with fiber optics and expect to have a working prototype in February. On Indiegogo right now, they have raised $415,000 — 255% of their goal.

(WATCH the Kickstarter video below)

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  1. Body shaving is big problem for all, the best way to get rid of this is still an issue because every one needs long lasting results with low cost, If I prefer using laser over razor then it might take a risk of injury and skin burn. There are several gadgets is market that claim to be best like no! no! ( the problem is whether its save or not? if some one would like to share experience that would be favor. Thanks! Julia

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