With rat control problems up 67% in one year, Chicago is trying an old-fashioned, non-toxic, solution to solving the problem.

The “Cats at Work” program places previously unadoptable feral cats with people in need of rodent control—and it’s working beautifully for everyone.

After paying the fee, Empirical Brewing company welcomed two cats that were moved to their warehouse where rats had been spoiling grain by endlessly chewing tiny holes in the bags of hops.

WATCH Kitten Escape Pet Store Enclosure to Play With Puppy

A side benefit for employees is the fun and camaraderie provided by the pair of felines during the work day.

One neighborhood where rats had run amok, is also benefiting, thanks to a change in Chicago law.

The waiting list at the Tree House Humane Society, which neuters and hires out the wild cats, is now 30 days or longer.

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