It never seems like Siri can understand what you’re saying when you actually need her to work – whether it’s asking for directions to a certain address or asking her to search for something on the internet only to be told: “Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that”.

Well, this guy figured out why: apparently you have to speak to her using a trombone.

YouTube musician Paul the Trombonist posted a screenshot of his wife’s phone earlier this week depicting five very peculiar text messages.

Paul and his wife had been chatting about grocery shopping when he sent a large block of text that read something like: “Woo woo wooo hoo hoo wah wah hoo woo wah.”

This is because Paul had accidentally activated Siri’s voice recognition feature before playing his trombone.

The hilarious result? A five-text transcript of trombone sounds, courtesy of Siri.

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If you don’t believe that the amusing fluke is possible, Paul tested it out again later and posted footage of his experiment to YouTube.

(WATCH the video below)

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