The Lesson: Jason Silva has a knack for using his poetic enthusiasm to inspire an infectious kind of exuberance in his listeners – and this 6-minute clip is no exception. In the video below, Silva riffs on how encounters with beauty can heal us of our mental shortcomings and anxieties.

Notable Excerpt: “Beauty arrests because it points to something beyond the every day. Beauty arrests because it hits at a realm of the sacred. Beauty arrests because it awakens the religious impulse inside of us. Beauty can shake us out of our jadedness. There can be no cynicism in response to being overwhelmed by the beatific … and so, surround yourself with beauty … curate your environment.”

The HostJason Silva is an Emmy-award winning television host, motivational speaker, and filmmaker. In addition to hosting his YouTube series Shots of Awe, Silva has given hundreds of lectures on creativity, technology, innovation, mental health, and relationships. His National Geographic TV show Brain Games has been broadcasted in over 171 countries.

(LISTEN to the inspiring 6-minute talk below)

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