The messages appeared literally out of the blue–or should we say, across it.

For two days, a plane had been skywriting positive messages such as “love,” “hope,” and “coexist” for the people of New Orleans. The ‘illustrator’ has both baffled and delighted folks on the ground, signing his messages in the air with hearts and smiley faces.

After two days of anonymity, Nathan Hammond came forward as the sky writer– one of only five such pilots left in America.

Local Louisiana businessman, Frank Scurlock, hired him to spread the words of encouragement because of recent violence across the U.S. Scurlock has even set up a GoFundMe page geared at keeping the messages coming.seal boards vessel for cuddle

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The skywriting looks almost magical as it happens, and like any good magician, Hammond, using his small airplane named “Sky Magic,” won’t give away the tricks of his trade. They don’t teach penmanship in flight school, and he isn’t talking about how he honed his unique skill. But in the video above, he does admit the key to success for any aspiring skywriter.

“The last thing you want to do is spell something wrong,” Hammond told WWL.

Photo Credit: Nan Palmero, CC

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