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A World War II veteran who came under enemy fire by German tanks in the 1940’s now has his own tank-like transportation – his wheelchair.

It had become tough for Peter Shaw to push his 96-year-old father’s wheelchair around the grounds of his Shropshire home in the UK, so he decided to invent something a little more hardcore.

With the help of locals who donated the materials and a local welder, Eddie Shaw’s son adapted a motorized wheelbarrow and a van seat to resemble an armored tank – complete with caterpillar tracks.

The all-terrain wheelchair took about 30 hours to build, and can reach speeds of up to 8 miles per hour.wheelchair swing Facebook SmarterEveryDay

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The elder Shaw, who served as a Sergeant with 918 General Transport Company in the 8th British Army Division during World War II, told The Daily Mail, “It brings backs memories of the war. I came under fire from tanks but never got to drive one – now I finally can.”

Typical wheelchairs offer limited mobility on unstable terrain, but that’s no longer an issue for this father-son duo, who plan on test-driving the custom wheelchair on trips to the beach.

Until then, Eddie is happily cruising around the English countryside.

(WATCH the video below and READ more at Daily Mail) – Photo: Daily Mail video

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