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I hope these photographs of dragonflies will prompt you to take notice of them while out hiking or walking, and add a bit more pleasure to your experience outdoors.

I became utterly captivated by the Blue Dasher dragonfly (Pachydiplax longipennis) while involved in a three-year research project at Point Pelee National Park in southern Ontario.

As I love photography, I like how this species of dragonfly has the decency to pose in front of beautiful backgrounds in the wetlands. This type of dragonfly also has a characteristic flight pattern that couldn’t be more ideal. It would take flight in a short loop and most often would return to the exact same location–where I could remain poised to snap pictures.

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I was particularly taken with the coloration of the male of the species.

You will notice the unusual hand stand pose in the below image, which is referred to as obelisk. This maneuver aids in thermo-regulation.

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Ontario has 172 species of dragonflies offering a stunning array of variation if you take the time to observe them.

Of all the insects, they display the most remarkable flight capabilities. Watch for them next time you are outdoors for a walk.

dragonfly-verticle-submitted-Janet Nelson

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