Homeless man by -miekaspop-MorguefileA regional manager at Starbucks in Fredericksburg, Virginia discovered that there were homeless people living in the woods behind the shopping malls, where they stay unnoticed. She decided to help, collecting hotel toiletries, socks, and money, and delivering them, along with other Starbucks employees, to the dozens of people encamped back there.

“For all the customers who come in to Starbucks and buy Ethiopian Fair Trade coffee or water to pay for village wells or mugs to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, Kelly has provided a cause that’s a little closer to home,” reports the Washington Post.

A lawyer, who is a regular customer in the cafe, also donated his time creating a non-profit organization for the group to work under.

(READ the story in the Washington Post)

Photo by miekaspop, via Morguefile – Thanks to Craig Withers for sending the link!

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