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Last week, a father was shocked by the kindness that rained down on him, courtesy of a fellow parent and the strangers she rallied on Facebook.

Marc Sable had just lost his wife, Belinda, 28, to ovarian cancer, and as an overnight custodian was wondering how he was possibly going to provide for their two young children by himself.

Holly Lafferty knew Sable from a group, Therapy for Me, where their children receive occupational therapy. She didn’t really know the man—only that, like her, he had a child with special needs. They crossed paths at the Eden Prairie, Minnesota, clinic, and that’s where she was last month when she heard the sad news.

“OK,” Lafferty thought, “We have to do something here.” Haylen-ice-cream-Facebook-cropped

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What she did was take to Facebook.

“Do you ever witness a moment that you can’t shake?” she wrote in a post titled “It takes a village…” Respectful of the young family’s privacy, she simply invited her friends to join her in doing “Something nice to brighten their day.”

By the time she got home, Lafferty already had donations piling on her doorstep….and they just kept coming. Eventually, the donated money, toys, food, and other goods were enough to fill an office inside the clinic.

“Wow, look at all this stuff, you guys!” Sable said to his children, when the door was opened to reveal the bounty.

(WATCH the video below from KARE-11 News)

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