A teenager who posted pictures of a dress online so she could sell it, had to defend herself against some faceless cyber-bullies calling her ugly and fat. But the Tennessee Facebook community came to her defense, not only by posting sweet compliments on her beauty, but donating thousands of dollars for a new spring dress for her senior prom.

In January, in the town of White House, Kristen Layne decided to try to sell last year’s prom dress online to help raise money for a new dress to wear this year at the school’s annual prom.

After posting the pictures on “For Sale in Sumner County, TN”, two men started making ugly comments about her weight and looks.

She bravely replied, “Can you please stop with the comments? Sorry I don’t have the best body. Sorry that I’m not pleasing to your eye.”Prom King Scotty Shavers w Katie Buell-familyphoto

In Age of Bullying, Special Needs Student Elected Prom King at Inclusive School


Soon, others began defending her, writing positive comments, and donating money to her online dress fund.

When the story began spreading online, about how the town raised $400 to buy the new formal wear, her dress fund took off, with donations from huncdreds of strangers who were touched by her spirit.prom-dress-KristenLayne-FB

As of today, $6,375 has been donated and the size 26 purple dress was donated, too. Kristen paid it forward to a friend in need of a prom attire.

She also bought a new gown for another girlfriend, saying, “She didn’t have the money to buy the one of her dreams so, I went and bought it for her… Thank you guys. I helped 2 young ladies have a wonderful prom. ”

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  1. You are a very beautiful young woman. I love the beautiful dress too. I was so moved by your story I was in tears. I know how much it hurts when people tease you or make fun of you. I can see you are a sensitive and very sweet person, so it hurts a bit more and can be difficult to just shrug off cruelty. Sometimes when you’re growing up, your peers treat you like you’re “different,” and it can feel lonely and sad. I am very happy that you are strong and believe in yourself and that you were resourceful enough to have the great idea of modeling the dress in order to help pay for a new one. You have great marketing and entrepreneurial skills. It is wonderful how the community came together and supported you with great love. It’s so kind and compassionate that you have “paid their kindness forward” to the other young women in need. We need more beautiful beneficent people like you in this world. I wish you great happiness, health and love as you continue your wonderful life journey. I think you’ll be a very successful person.

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