When a wildfire quickly started to spread towards their community, the Orsillos only had 20 minutes to evacuate their home of 26 years.

While they were able to grab photographs and important documents, they had to leave behind Mark Orsillo’s most prized possessions: his movie collection.

The 34-year-old man with Down syndrome had accumulated hundreds of DVDs over the course of his life – all of which he watched obsessively.

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So when he was later told that his home – along with his beloved movies – had all gone up in flames, Mark couldn’t help but weep over the loss.

His sister, Danielle Devine, took to Facebook with a plea for help.

“He is an OCD movie collector and lost hundreds of movies,” wrote Devine. “He spends most of his free time watching, organizing and talking about his movies. This is very hard for him.”

Devine then asked if anyone could drop movies off at the Orsillo’s temporary address – and she was not disappointed.

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Within hours of publishing the note, friends and family started spreading the post like… well, like wildfire. Hundreds of DVDs poured in for Mark, most of which replaced the ones that he had already.

Additionally, strangers have raised over $14,000 in a crowdfunding campaign in order to help the family replace their wardrobe and rebuild their home.

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