Andy Robinson may have limited mobility because of his cerebral palsy, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to help out whenever he can.

So when the 14-year-old was asked by a WinCo cashier in Temecula, California if he would like to help her scan the groceries, he couldn’t believe his ears.

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“When Andy and I go grocery shopping, he always wants to push the cart until it gets too heavy for him, and he gets a little upset,” his mom, Jeannie Robinson, told Inside Edition. “At the checkout, he usually helps unless there’s a line of people and we’re kind of in a hurry, but he tries to do what he can.”

Shaeleane the cashier patiently watched over the teen as he scanned each item grinning from ear to ear. Though it may seem like a tedious task to some, Andy was ecstatic.

(WATCH the video below)


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