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When a group of 20-somethings hit the streets of Montreal to hand out roses and strawberries, they asked for only a smile and transformed everyone’s Monday blues—including their own.

The group collectively said they were amazed by how many smiles they conjured this week among the people–we counted 54. Even more amazing was how very simple it was.39-acts-of-kindness-lee-and-amelie-childrens-hospital-youtube

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“All of the people laughed so much that it was contagious. We got to interact with so many random people. Project 30 has grown bigger than all of us,” said group member Andrea Pecatikov.

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This was Day 21 of Project 30’s month-long spree of doing 30 things they’ve “always wanted to do.” They are posting a video for each event on their YouTube Channel.

Thomas Brag, the leader of Project 30, says the initiative has always been about inspiring others and getting his team out of their comfort zones.

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So far, those daring adventures have included eating insects and meeting with the mayor. Their videos have tallied over 200,000 views.

(WATCH to see everyone’s reaction to the Random Acts of Kindness…)

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