A beloved school custodian had reason to jump for joy one year after a tragic fire destroyed her South Carolina home.

Brenda Hurst is adored by staff and students alike at Boiling Springs High School—that’s why they didn’t waste any time devising a way to help her.

A group of teens enrolled in the school’s career center knew exactly what to do, and decided to put the construction skills they were learning to good use.


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Working alongside volunteers from a group called “Carpenters for Christ” and making use of donations that poured in from the school and the community of Campobello, they were able to rebuild Hurst’s house in a little over a year’s time.

They kept her away until the work was done, and asked her to keep her eyes covered as a police officer drove her to the new home.

When the bus blocking her view of the new house rolled away to reveal the work, Hurst burst out in excitement.

Her squeals of delight and tears of joy are better than any grade they could’ve gotten on the project.

(WATCH the WSPA News video below) — Photo: WSPA

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