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Every day, Kathryn Thompson, an Elon University café worker, asks her customers where they’re from, what they’re up to, and how they’re doing.

Two students, Lucy Smith-Williams and Taylor Zisholtz, appreciated Thompson’s kindness so much that they decided to rally the community to surprise her in a very big way.

“When she said it was her dream to go to Disney World, I thought, well, there are 6,000 of us here with at least a dollar, I’m sure we can make this happen,” Zisholtz told Elon News.

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The girls started a GoFundMe campaign that has raised $7,685, enough for the Acorn Coffee Shop employee to take her grandchildren with her on that dream vacation.

“I can’t wait to see my grandson’s eyes when he hugs Mickey Mouse. He finds Mickey, and he just hugs him,” Thompson said through tears.

(WATCH the video below from ELN News) Photo: ELN News

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