Rescued Bear Cub Goes Absolutely Bananas Upon Her Return to Forest

Rescued Bear Cub Goes Absolutely Bananas Upon Her Return to Forest

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Kala the sun bear is so elated to be back in the forest, it’s unbearable!

Initially sold as an exotic pet as part of the illegal wildlife trade, Kala was rescued by the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center, who took her in earlier this year.

Now, the center is “teaching” her to be a wild bear again, and it looks like she is adapting pretty well. In fact, each lesson looks like a blissful experience.

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Kala is sharpening the sun bear skills she’ll need to return to the wild, like how to climb trees.

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She’s also learning to use her long, powerful claws to strip tree bark and look for termites — a favorite treat for sun bears.

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All Photos via Facebook/Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

“Kala is everything a cub should be – playful, inquisitive and sweet-natured,” the Center posted on the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center website. “Sometimes, she does not want to leave the forest.”

The center’s goal is to teach Kala everything she’ll need to live in the wild so that in a couple of years she will never have to leave the forest again.

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