Swedish bus stop features light therapyTo help combat the mild depression commuters may experience when the sun only rises for five hours per day in one northern Swedish town, a local energy company has installed ultra-violet lamps at about 30 bus stops.

“This is so people can get a little energy kick as they are waiting,” said a spokesperson for Umea Energi.

Light therapy lamps provide certain wavelengths that are a proven benefit for seasonal affective disorder, which is caused by lost sunlight exposure. The lamps are designed to filter out most UV light, which can cause skin damage.

Because of the northern latitude, daylight hours in the company’s home town of Umea dwindle in December, when the sun comes up at about 10 a.m. and disappears again at about 2:30.

(Source: Reuters via Engineering and Technology Magazine)


  1. I know people who use these lights in their homes, w/ great sucess. I also lived just below the Artic Circle for many years and know it was the darkness, not the cold, that got so depressing after awhile. It is So COOl that the local energy company is providing this community service to the people in their town. 3 Cheers for Umea Energy!

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