A Massachusetts family is setting a new bar for “getting into the Christmas spirit”.

Last week, police officers from the Sudbury Police Department posted a photo to Facebook of a minivan with a Christmas tree strapped to the roof.

While this may not seem very out of the ordinary for the holiday season, this was a big Christmas tree; and we mean REALLY big – so big, its greenery was spilling over the sides of the car.

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It was so shockingly massive, the police officers had to pull the van over because they were concerned that the tree would cause a traffic collision.

To the family’s credit, they had secured yellow “Caution” tape around the tree in hopes that it would encourage motorists to give them a wider berth.

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Fortunately for the family, the boys in blue were not inclined to issue a ticket for the holiday-driven infraction. In fact, they took some time to make sure that the tree was extra securely tied to the roof rack before sending the van on its way.

“We just gave a warning in light of the holiday spirit,” Sudbury Police Chief Scott Nix told TODAY. “Our intent is ensuring the safety of that vehicle and of other motorists without us squashing Christmas for the kids and the family.”

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