You don’t have to be a book lover to have an appreciation for libraries—the calm, nurturing venues where all the greatest ideas in the world lie in waiting.

Great Big Story has strung together a video reel of some of their favorite and unique book depositories. From displaying nature’s most diverse animal skeletons to cataloguing the world’s largest collections of scents and smells, there are dozens of astonishing libraries that were built to astound.

The video presents highlights from the Library of Congress (with 160 million different documents and artifacts) alongside more obscure places like Library of Smells in Berlin, which documents thousands of specific smells for people, places, and things around the world. (And, don’t miss the Chinese mirrored ‘Library of Reflection’—pictured in the photo— which starts at 5:30 in the reel.)

If you feel the need for more educational exaltation after watching the montage below, you can check out their earlier references on the Human Library—made for people to tell their most engaging and diverse stories of the world—to the free library that was created by a South American garbageman who was sick of seeing literature end up in the trash.

(WATCH the Great Big Story video below) – Photo by Great Big Story

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