It’s not every day you get to meet your idol – someone who has truly changed your outlook and given you a new lease on life.

For a freshman in college named Juwan Givens, Taylor Swift was that life-changing individual and role model. After he heard her hit song, “Shake It Off,” he began breaking out of his shell and not caring what other people thought of him. After years of relentless bullying, it was just what he needed.

So, Juwan started making his own music to push through his bullied past.

He even created music video covers of Taylor’s songs and posted them online. Soon, they caught the star’s attention and led to one amazing journey for Juwan.

In a video posted earlier this week, Juwan explains, “One day, I just woke up, and I had seen ‘Taylor Swift just liked your post.’”

The likes turned into an invitation to a private event with other superfans. Juwan brought his mom and met the young woman who changed his life through music. All of the invited guests met up at Taylor’s Rhode Island home and sat with her.

Juwan will surely never forget this moment.

Click to WATCH the video about Juwan’s trip to Taylor’s mansion, below…

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