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A brain cancer diagnosis kept Brycen Newman from playing football this year, but it didn’t keep him off the team.

His teammates at Cathedral Catholic High School in San Diego made him the honorary team captain during the homecoming game.

But they had a much bigger surprise waiting downfield.

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They took Brycen’s hands and walked him back from the coin toss to where the junior varsity team had assembled. They all removed their helmets at once to reveal shaved heads–in solidarity with the sophomore’s hair loss due to chemotherapy.

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“Now you wear it proud, we’re all the same,” the team captain shouted to Bryce over the laughter and cheers.

“His teammates were very affected” after doctors found 3 brain tumors in August, said Anne Pickard, who works for the school. “The whole sophomore class has really rallied around him.”

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She said they all have been dropping handwritten notes into a box installed to collect encouraging messages, so Brycen can read them at home anytime he needs a lift.

“This is a great story about young men helping one of their teammates even when he’s too sick to be out there playing,” Miles Himmel, the local radio producer who shot the video, told Good News Network.

And to top off the night, the Cathedral Dons won the game 33-0, and dedicated the win to Brycen.

(WATCH the video below from the Mike Slater Show on AM 760) – Photo: CCHS, Facebook

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