science project-EeshaKhare-Intel videoAn 18-year-old girl from California may have solved the most annoying problem confronting her fellow teens and she earned an Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award for her work.

Eesha Khare from Lynbrook High School in San Jose will receive college grants worth $50,000 for her super-capacitor design that can charge a phone in less than a minute.

Eesha recognized the need for high performance storage, crucial in the developing world where electricity is scarce, and developed a tiny device that fits inside cell phone batteries, allowing them to fully charge within 20 – 30 seconds.

Eesha said her invention, made from nano-materials, is good for 10,000 cycles compared to batteries which last through 1,000 cycles, and it is a solid state design, making it more environmentally friendly.

It also has a potential application for car batteries.

WATCH the video below…

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