When it came time for Abby Grubbs to celebrate her tenth birthday, she told her parents she didn’t want a new barbie, a LEGO set, or neon colored hair braids. At least, not for herself.

The young cancer survivor said she wanted to give the presents, instead, to children in the pediatric cancer center at a hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana. So, last Friday as part of her “off chemo” birthday celebration, she and her mom wheeled a wagon full of LEGO toys through the ward.

Abby just wrapped up two and a half years of treatment for leukemia and recently got the green light to leave cancer behind her.boy-w-puppy-Maddies-Fund-Adoption-Day-submitted-750px

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LEGO sets were Abby’s gift of choice because they don’t take much physical energy but they occupied her mind while she was sick. Team JOEY provided the sets, in part through Abby’s birthday donations. She also brought books from another favorite kids cancer project, Kate’s Kart.

“She really understands what a difference it makes to have that something that we may think is a small gift, but can really a make a huge difference in the ability to get through a tough medical procedure,” Abby’s mom, Sherry Grubbs, told TODAY.

(WATCH the video below from WANE News or READ more from TODAY) – Photo from Heroes Foundation



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