Tijn might not have much longer to live due to his terminal brain cancer. His only mission with the time he has, however, is to raise money for medical research so that other children can get a better shot at living than him.

The Dutch radio station 3FM hosts an annual charity event called the Serious Request. 3FM works alongside the Red Cross to raise money for a different ‘unknown illness’ – this year’s affliction is pneumonia.

Though pneumonia is still a preventable disease, it is one of the most dangerous illnesses to children under 5 years old.

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That’s why this brave little 6-year-old arrived at the event and announced that he was issuing a challenge to help raise money for the cause: he asked people to donate one euro for every time he painted someone else’s nails. Anyone on the internet could participate as well just by painting their nails, donating to his page, and then challenging three of their friends to do the same by tagging them.

“Most of the poor kids infected with pneumonia don’t even live to be five years old. That is why we’re standing up to fight,” said Tijn’s father.

Tijn’s courageous story went viral and in just 2 days, he had raised over one million dollars for pneumonia research – and still counting.

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