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One of the Tesco supermarket branches in Scotland has just launched a “relaxed lane” for vulnerable customers who would prefer to take their time at the till.

The store, located in Forres, Moray, hopes that the lane will make grocery shopping easier for guests with dementia, autism, Alzheimer’s, learning disabilities, or just a mother with several kids under her arm.

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The project, developed with the assistance of Alzheimer Scotland, will hopefully encourage shoppers to comfortably move at their own pace without feeling rushed.

Though it is currently only a trial program, the lane – open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays – has already received an outpouring of approval and support.

“It was highlighted to me that people living with dementia can feel under pressure when they reach the checkout, and it struck me that this could be true for others as well,” the store’s Kerry Speed told BBC. “Early feedback from customers has been very positive. Although it’s a simple gesture, we hope this will make a difference.”

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