Joshua Neally may not have made it to the hospital in time to save himself from the pulmonary embolism crippling his system if it hadn’t been for his week-old automobile.

Neally had only been driving a Tesla Model X for seven days when all of a sudden on his way home from work in Springfield, Missouri, an intense pain started to grow in his abdomen.

The driver switched on the autopilot feature and directed it towards the nearest hospital 20 miles away.

“It was kinda getting scary. I called my wife and just said ‘something’s wrong’ and I couldn’t breathe, I was gasping, kind of hyperventilating,” Neally told KYTV-TV. “I just knew I had to get there, to the ER.”

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Pulmonary embolisms are blocked blood vessels in the lungs that can be fatal if not treated quickly. If Joshua wasn’t escorted to the hospital by the Model X, he would have had to pull over and wait for an ambulance – which may have spelt disaster for the Missouri lawyer.

Even though the autopilot feature has been controversially hailed, Neally has vouched for the technology ever since the life-saving incident in July.

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