two cops carseats KVUE video screenshot

When a Cedar Park, Texas police officer came upon a man parked in a truck with an expired registration, he noticed that three small children sitting in the back didn’t have car seats.

Instead of issuing a citation and fining the man, they decided it was better to help, than to make the situation worse.

“If we gave the man a ticket, those kids would still need to be driven somewhere with no car seats,” Officer Justin Gower told KVUE recently.

He learned from other officers that the man in the truck had been living in the vehicle or a motel and trying to save up money for his family.

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Gower decided to call for backup and when Officer Cale Hawkins arrived, the two decided to pool their money and visit a local Walmart to buy the car seats themselves.

The cops, both fathers, then personally installed the three pink safety seats for the girls, ages 1, 3, and 4.

(WATCH the video below from KVUE)

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