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You’d have to forgive friends of Lindsey and Mark Lashley for texting a wrong number — Lindsey was in labor and people were excitedly messaging everyone they knew about the birth.

But the happy accident led to the welcoming of new friends into their lives—as well as a new baby.


The group text wound up on Deorick Williams’ new phone number — a man who’d never even met the Lashleys. When he told the sender they’d sent the message to a wrong number, all he got in reply was a picture of Lindsey holding newborn baby Cason.

That’s when Deorick and his brother Dennis decided to join the fun.

“Well I don’t know y’all,” Deorick texted back, “but me and the boys will be thru to take picture with the baby.”

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The brothers were true to their word, driving 40 miles from their home in Tallahassee, Florida to the Georgia hospital in order to surprise the family.

Lmaoo Make This Go Viral Man We Didn't Know Them But They Texted My Phone Saying They Was Having A Baby So We Pull Up 󾌴󾌴󾌴󾌴 Share It So They Can See It 󾌴󾌴󾌴 󾭻󾭻 Dennis Williams

Posted by Deorick Williams on Saturday, March 19, 2016

They even brought along diapers, pacifiers, and bottles for baby Cason — and made sure they got a picture with the family.

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“What a blessing these two guys were to our family,” the Lashleys posted to Facebook. “They were so sweet and kind to do this! You 2 are great guys and thank you for giving to someone you didn’t know!”

(Photo: Deorick Williams, Facebook)

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