Fellow moms on social media came to the rescue of a mother stuck in a hospital–and it only took a handful of quarters to save the day.

When Kaylee Goeman’s 6-week-old baby started screaming and she took him to the hospital, the last thing she needed to worry about was paying for parking.

The mother of three couldn’t afford the Canadian hospital’s $15 parking fee, so she paid a parking meter for four hours.

When it became clear they’d be in the hospital far longer, Goeman didn’t want to leave her infant, but worried about getting ticketed or towed. She turned to a local mother’s group on Facebook for help.mom buys billboard for son billboard shot screenshot youtube CBS

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Over the next several hours, five different women in her hometown of Barrie, Ontario, went to Goeman’s car to feed her meter – while another 100 people wrote in with encouraging words or other offers to help the family.

“Knowing I had all these ladies there for me, to help me with parking, meals, and even hugs made me able to focus just on my son and his needs,” she told Today.

Photo: Facebook – Story Tip: Gina Maria Littlebird

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