Humanity doesn’t exactly have a long-running track record for being the most united or cohesive group of creatures on Earth, but a new survey has revealed just how similar we really are, in different corners of the world.

Global health care company Abbott asked 2 million people how they felt about true fulfillment—living life to the fullest—based on three questions:

1. What is the one thing in the world that makes you feel the most fulfilled?

2. If you think of a person whom you believe is living fully, why do you think they live life so well?

3. And what keeps you from living your life fully?

A few interesting trends emerged.

A whopping 64% of the people said success was home-made, and doing well at work was secondary to a happy and successful home life. This foreshadowed how 32% said that family was the key to fulfillment, followed by 8% that chose “Giving”, and 7% pointing to “Health”.

Russia and Puerto Rico are the only two countries where “Music” was listed in the top four most popular answers for what gives most fulfillment. Australia and France named “Adventure” as the second highest factor for living fully.

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Even though just seven percent said they needed health for a full life, when it came to their children, 41% chose it as the most important thing they wanted for their kids. 29% most wanted “Great Adventure” for their children.

Of all the respondents worldwide, the Chinese saw themselves as the most fulfilled. When asked how fulfilled they felt on a scale of 1-100, China scored the highest with 79.2.  Costa Rica rated themselves at 77.9, while Colombia was third highest at 76.2, and Mexico in fourth with 74.8.

With the global median clocking in at 68, the U.S citizens rated themselves even lower than the average, at 65.

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You can check out more interesting fulfillment finds by checking out the Abbott infographic here.

Photo by Lighttruth, CC

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