After a particularly “callous” theft left a cat charity without any pet food for their 34 homeless felines, they became inundated with donations from the community.

Last month, an unidentified thief stole about $3,200 worth of food from the locked garage of the Peterborough Cats Protection in Cambridgeshire, England.

Shocked by the crime, the charity said that the food was supposed to last them until Christmas, thus leaving them in “crisis mode”.

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But when their predicament was reported online, the community responded with a staggering amount of donations.

Since news of the theft was published, Cats Protection has received over $6,400 in donations and enough cat food to sustain them for the next two years.

The charity has received so much support, they will reportedly be distributing some of the finances and supplies to other struggling charities in the region.

“The response had been phenomenal … [and we are] deeply grateful,” branch coordinator Pam McNicol told the BBC.

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