Wolves are rarely seen as creatures of comfort and healing, but they’re changing teenage lives for the better in southern California.

“Wolf Therapy” is an eight-week program focusing on making a primal connection between young adults and wolves who were abandoned or neglected in the wild.

The initiative is the offspring of a partnership between the animal rescue operation Wolf Connection and Promises, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Wolves and teenagers are often misunderstood, but their worlds come together at a 165-acre facility 45 miles north of Los Angeles.Lulu-funeral-therapy-dog-WCBS-video

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“We bring people into the world of the wolf for a day or a weekend,” Teo Alfero, a pack leader at Wolf Connection, said in a 2013 video.  “For a moment all that neglect and self- hurt and mistreatment and anger cease to be in the front of your life. It takes a little step to the side and allows for a connection that is very, very deep at a primal level.”

Alfero says the wolves help young adults to engage in a different lifestyle by developing confidence and trust. He says they essentially step out of their former lives, make the connection, then move on with a healthier, more productive outlook.

(WATCH the videos below from Promises) – Photo: Wolf Connection Video

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