Everyone knows about the quality behind Cuban cigars – but what about the loving care that is shown to the factory workers as well?

During the mid-19th century, the owners of a tobacco factory in Havana delegated one of their workers to spend their shift reading to the employees who were rolling the cigars.

Not only did it make work more enjoyable for the cigar rollers, but it also helped to build their education, which was generally not very strong.

The storytelling became such a popular practice, dozens of cigar factories across Cuba started hiring storytellers of their own.

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One of the storyteller’s, Lucio C. Peña, told Great Big Story: “Generally when I finish a book, I run a sort of poll. Last time I ran a poll, they wanted an adventure novel. I suggested a few works and they chose “Last of the Mohicans”, which is what I’m reading now.

“I like my job – I think I serve a very important role, not only from a cultural point of view, but in problems with every day life. Through reading, we can find solutions…”

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