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Celebrating a 100th birthday is rare enough, but when three lifelong friends do it together, it really is a cause for celebration.

Even Oprah Winfrey had to send birthday wishes to these three BFF centenarians.

Ruth Chatman Hammett, Gladys Ware Butler and Bernice Grimes Underwood were all born within a couple months of each other in 1916. They almost were a quartet reaching 100 (in this photo above), but one of them just passed, less than two months ago.

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They met as children in Washington, DC attending Zion Baptist Church, where a birthday party for the ladies was attended by the mayor and D.C.’s congresswoman, and family members including great-great-grandchildren.

The fourth friend, Leona Barnes, was celebrated, too—with a framed photo that sat beside the three centenarians during the ceremony.

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Butler told the Washington Post she prays every day, Barnes still lives independently and says she wants to go to college, and Underwood said she still dances, “Sometimes by myself,” as seen in the video below which shows her doing the Electric Slide.

(WATCH the video from Machinists News Network and READ more from the Washington Post) — Photo: Machinists News Network

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