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Fortunately for Timur the goat, dinner didn’t go quite as expected. He was supposed to be a meal for Amur the tiger, but became the big cat’s best friend instead.

Timur was released into the tiger’s enclosure at Primorye Safari Park in Russia as live prey for hungry Amur. But something about this goat earned him a reprieve.

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“The goat showed his bravery and the tiger respected that,” park director Dmitry Mezetsev told BBC News. “He said, ‘Let’s be friends.’”

And they have been the best of friends for more than a month now, roaming the enclosure and playing together to the delight of park visitors, whose numbers have tripled since the formation of the unlikely alliance a month ago.

(WATCH the video from BBC News below) — Photo: Timur and Amur Facebook page

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