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When a 100-year-old woman was evicted from her apartment and faced life on the streets, motivational speaker Tony Robbins was motivated to help.

Robbins read about the plight of Evelyn Heller in a local newspaper while visiting Palm Desert, California, and decided to pay her rent for the next two years — $24,000.

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Heller had been evicted because she couldn’t keep her apartment clean. A court ordered her to pay more than $600 dollars in damages to the landlord and another $900 in legal costs.

The story also inspired Heller’s congressman to contact Adult Protective Services which found her a new apartment.

Robbins’ charitable gifts are usually on a larger scale; his Anthony Robbins Foundation has fed millions, delivering food to low-income families and partnering with Feeding America to match donations people make to the nonprofit.

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He says his decision to help Heller is to inspire others to “pay it forward” — and for people to respond to this gift by being kind to others. His February rescue of nuns who were about to be evicted from their soup kitchen, was another example of Robbins swooping in with aid, after hearing a news story that inspired him to get involved.

“Since she has no one, I wanted to step in and take care of her — that was the main reason,” Robbins told ABC News. “Sometimes it’s just about helping somebody.”

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