MO boys craigs list garage sale for mom-KTVIvidTwelve-year-old Devon Melton overheard his mother’s desperate phone call. She was crying because the family faced financial troubles due to her recent bout with cancer and husband losing his job. The boy decided he wanted to do what he could to help.

His plan to raise money through a garage sale has attracted much attention after a touching post on Craig’s List asking people for free stuff so he can sell it:

Hi this is Devon. I am the one that messaged you on Craigslist. My mom is amazing she and my dad take care of my two brothers, me and my sister. She has breast cancer and I heard her crying one day after she had her surgery. I thought she was hurt so I went to her door. I heard her say I’m losing everything because I am sick. We are about to lose our home, electric, gas and dad lost his job.

I went to my preacher and asked how can I help. He said to do a garage sale. I went to every house on my road getting donations for the garage sale.

My mom deserves the best and I want to help her because she helps everyone. Even with her sick she still works at the food pantry at our church. She says people have to eat and God blessed us to be part of a ministry that can feed people. I just wish it was mom’s turn to be blessed with a timeout like she says she needs. I hope we can get things together and I can really help my mom.

If you’re near Ferguson, Missouri, please visit his garage sale today. They might hold be selling things next weekend, too.

(WATCH the video below or READ the story at KTVI)


  1. With apologies for bringing a sour note in, when we, me included, come here for all the good news tat really IS out there:

    As manm65 is suggesting , behind this story is some very deep bad news:
    Our country spends more per person on medical care than any other country in the world, yet a working family can be driven into poverty by a single illness. We are the only industrialized country in the world that doesn’t have decent universal health coverage that would make what is happening to this family impossible.
    A ten year old in any other industrialized wealthy country having to try to pay mom’s medical bills with a garage sale is unheard of.

    In short.. A ten year old having to try to pay medical bills with a garage sale is very sad news… And there’s little chance he coul raise enough that was to make a dent in the bills.

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