nycity-skylineWho Says New York City is Cold and Impersonal?

“On a recent visit, my husband and I were standing in the TKTS line (to buy tickets) for 45 minutes when we learned that they took cash only,” Kim Maser, of Lewisburg, PA wrote in a letter to the New York Times Metro Diary. “We went to a cash machine, but it swallowed my husband’s card.”

“There we were, out-of-towners out of money.”

“The woman behind us in line offered to lend us the $80 to buy tickets. While I bought the tickets with the borrowed money, a panhandler asked my husband for a quarter.”

“When my husband replied that he had no cash and had lost his bank card, the panhandler asked him with great concern, ‘Would you like a quarter?’

“A relative loaned us the cash to repay the woman in line, and we’ll look for the panhandler next time.”

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