relief supplies packed by tourists-ArnoldBillSo-CNNiReportMany of the 400 tourists left stranded in the island community of Coron in the Philippines have offered to help pack relief supplies, rather than simply waiting around for the airport to reopen following Typhoon Haiyan.

The Philippines News Agency said the mayor thanked the tourists who flocked to the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council Command Center to help pack relief goods slated for delivery to hundreds of residents.

The Coron mayor reported that heavy damage was sustained by the Busuanga Airport, but clearing and cleaning is now underway there. This photo was taken by ArnoldBillSo, a Filipino student and photographer who posted it on CNN’s iReport.

How Nations Are Helping

Meanwhile, aid, relief goods and sympathy from the rest of the world has poured in to the Philippines where around two thousand people died during the storm.

$10 Million in humanitarian aid has been pledged by the Australian government, the UK is sending $10 Million in immediate aid, and the Canadian government has pledged $5 Million in support and will match dollar for dollar any donations made by individual Canadians. Norway also gave $3.2 million on Friday and in the Middle East, the UAR pledged aid worth $10 million.

The U.S. military has dispatched aid and troops to some of the areas of the Philippines that were hardest-hit by a deadly typhoon Friday, including two U.S. C-130 cargo transport planes containing water and generator. Additionally, the US Defense Secretary ordered the deployment of ships and aircraft to support search-and-rescue operations and airlift emergency supplies for the island chain, according to a statement released by the Defense Department press office.

How You Can Help

CBS News put together a great list of organizations that are providing relief. You can donate at one of their websites, listed here.

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