A waitress in a small Texas diner lent money to a raggedy customer for bus fare, and bought her some pancakes. The customer came back and returned the favor sharing the good news that she’d gotten a job. "Can one act of friendliness start to generate peace? I believe it can. Peace begins with one person but spreads like warmed syrup. When I connect with my neighbors, they return it in kind," she wrote in her essay, This I Believe, for NPR News.


  1. So simple yet can be so overlooked!
    What a genuine and true story showing how EASIER life can be if you just…smile and show some kindness.
    Sure, we all have bad days. Cosmic fluctuation that is. But, the truth is: do we prefer to live an everyday life with anger or bitterness or do we prefer to have calmer vibes that makes the day worthwhile somehow. Here is what is funky about that:

    A smile costs nothing neither does kindness: but not only does it make you feel better BUT you never know who will recognize that in a more powerful way than you thing. So…do it…it is easier than it seems. And when you are not sure, think about some blessings you have: be it freedom, intelligence, friends etc…You will quickly smile then.

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