Tyler PerryEntertainment mogul Tyler Perry is reaching out to help a great-grandmother of seven who lost everything in a fire. 

On Tuesday, an 88-year-old woman and her 4-year-old great-granddaughter escaped a fire that destroyed her home of 40 years. Firefighters began soliciting for donations from and dozens of calls came in.

With the community’s help, Ransby was climbing up the stairs to a new rental home just 48 hours after the fire.

“I didn’t think I had no friends, but I found out I got some,” Ransby said.

The Atlanta movie star visited the neighborhood Thursday and pledged to rent her a house for a year, pay for the utilities, buy her furniture and build a new home on her property.

Fire Chief Todd Moore said Perry’s decision “made my Christmas.”

(Watch the video or read the story at WSBTV.com)

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