After being delivered prematurely by C-section and surviving three different operations, this baby has become the first infant in the UK to survive being born with her heart outside of her chest.

The lucky newborn, Vanellope Hope Wilkins was born with ectopia cordis: a rare condition in which the infant is not only born without a breastbone, but arrives with its heart on the outside of its body.

While most babies who are born with the disease tend to die within three days of being born, Vanellope is still thriving to this day. There have been multiple successful surgeries in the U.S, too.

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Back when little Vanellope was born in November, doctors wrapped her heart in plastic to keep it sterile. After the lifesaving procedure, her parents were thrilled.

“If you saw her when she was first born, to where she is now and what they’ve done… It’s beyond a miracle isn’t it?”

(WATCH the video below)


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