Indiana University has just become a trailblazer for college campus safety by announcing new policy changes that ban student-athletes with a history of sexual violence.

The ban states that “any prospective student-athlete – whether a transfer student, incoming freshman, or other status – who has been convicted of or pled guilty or no contest to a felony involving sexual violence … or has been found responsible for sexual violence by a formal institutional disciplinary action at any previous collegiate or secondary school … shall not be eligible for athletically-related financial aid, practice or competition at Indiana University.”

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The policy will be strictly enforced through cooperation between coaches, parents, teammates, and teachers. Thorough background checks and internet searches will be conducted by school representatives to make sure that all prospective student-athletes have had no “previous or potential arrests, convictions, protective orders, probations, suspensions, expulsions, or other discipline involving sexual violence or any other matter.”

The ban has been widely applauded on social media since its announcement; due to the amount of income garnered from college sports teams, universities have become notorious for prioritizing their athletes over the safety of their students. According to PACT5, an organization dedicated to fighting sexual assault in college, student-athletes are responsible for a disproportionate amount of sexual violence on campuses nationwide.

They are hopeful, however, that Indiana University will become a shining example of combatting such crimes for other colleges throughout North America.

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