Money was raised to fly him from the UK, put him up in a hotel, and give him the greatest party of his life–all because he was shamed online and a couple women in Los Angeles wanted to make things right.

Sean O’Brien, of London, was dubbed the “Dancing Man” in March after images of him dancing were posted online with a body-shaming comment and thousands rallied to support him on social media.

Thanks to the LA women, thousands donated money to throw a big bash in his honor (watch the video below). Even celebrities like Pharrell Williams got involved.Down-syndrome-cheerleader-DeeAndrews-WTMJvid-mashup

When a Cheerleader with Down Syndrome was Bullied, 3 Players Walked Off the Court (WATCH)


The GoFundMe page raised so much money, that tens of thousands of leftover dollars will be donated to anti-bullying campaigns in America.

The party at nightclub Avalon Saturday night gave O’Brien the chance to dance with hundreds of women, including Monica Lewinsky, who has been outspoken about cyber-bullying.

A jubilant O’Brien told the Daily Mail, “I’ve never danced so much, it’s been the best night of my life, unbelievable.”

(WATCH the video below from KCBS or READ the story, w/ photos, at the Daily Mail)

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