I realized the other day while rehashing a memory with a friend of mine that our “truths” about what happened were not the same.

It could be that one of us has a better memory or pays closer attention, but there is something greater at play happening here.

As the behavioral science of human beings becomes clearer, we’ve learned that we each individually believe that our reality is the true reality. This is no longer a fact.

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We can all be in the same room when an experience happens, but the experience will be defined by how it is occurring for each of us – not as the experience itself. Depending upon our attitudes, beliefs, thought systems, stories, and biases, every single experience will simply be a state of mind.

Don’t believe me?

Recall a time that you were with the most negative person you know and you experienced something with that person that you thought was fun, but when he or she retold the experience to someone in front of you, he or she found reason after reason to find the experience was sad or boring.

And so it is true for extremely positive people as well. It’s not that optimistic people are fake or don’t live in reality. Life experiences are occurring differently to them.GNN-app-banner-ad-opt


This is happening all of the time. Even right now while you’re reading this. This blog post is occurring differently for you than it is for someone else reading the same blog post.

Your experiences aren’t really the truth of what is happening in reality, but the truth of how they are occurring for your reality. Think of reality as a blank canvas and you’re the artist designing your experience on it.

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This is extremely empowering.

You have the ability to change your artwork to create new perspectives and stories to believe in.
The power of true reality is that you can create a happier truth for your life right now.

Photo by Pedrosimoes7, CC

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