Even the most accomplished car salesman might have some trouble selling a dingy 1985 Subaru model – but for this unemployed man, the old car became the stepping stone to his dream job.

When 28-year-old Nils Jangen and his girlfriend moved to Sundsvall in 2014, the Swedish man began the process of applying for a new job.

But after submitting over 200 cover letters to different businesses and only scoring one job interview, Jangen started to feel desperate.

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As his savings account started to empty, however, Jangen finally turned to his last resort: selling his white 1985 Subaru Justy J10 Trendy.

Since the car was so old, Jangen knew he had give the elderly automobile some gusto.

“I included a bit of humor thinking it might help get my car sold. It wasn’t going to sell itself; it’s really an old beater,” Jangen told the Local.

The Swede then posted the car for $1,500 on Blocket; a Swedish community sales page. The picture of the car included Saruman from Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, as well as 80s action star David Hasselhoff giving a thumbs-up. The car was then described as a “Japanese mountain goat” with the “power of 54 frighteningly well-hung horses”, and that it was “hand-forged in the darkest of Japanese industries” by “the Saruman of carmakers”.

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The advert continued to read: “The car has seat belts in all seats built with the 1984-patented I.D.N.R.I.S, which stands for Instant Death No Retardation Impact System. In other words, there is no risk of ending up in long-term care because you die immediately in any collision at speeds higher than 12 km/hour.”

If potential buyers couldn’t meet the asking price, Jangen said he would also trade it for a job because he was currently living “in a city where the prospects for the future are on par with those of North Korea”.

The day after he published the ad, a local newspaper did a write-up on the side-splitting salesmanship. The ad then spread on social media until later that week, Jangen became inundated with hundreds of job offers.

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Among the offers was a position with automotive magazine Auto, Motor, & Sport.

“I’ve always dreamed of being an automotive journalist – probably watched too much Top Gear in my time, so I said yes right away,” said Jangan.

The Subaru was eventually sold to an auto-repair shop for advertisement purposes – and despite having no prior experience as a motorsports journalist, Jangan went from being poor and unemployed to a well-paid magazine writer.

How’s that for gusto?

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