Caught in an Afghanistan firefight, 12 year-old Obaid lost both his legs last year, but refused to give up hope for a wonderful life.

He was being measured for prosthetics by the Red Cross when NBC News first featured his story in a televised report. A Boston-area grandmother was touched by what she saw and decided to help from 7000 miles away.

Cindy Barrett isn’t rich, but she decided to donate a few thousand dollars and it changed Obaid’s life.  She purchased books, a school uniform and tuition for one of the best schools in Kabul.

An NBC news crew revisited the boy in March to find him strong and optimistic. When asked what he wanted to do as an adult, his answer was proof that he believes anything is possible.

He has learned English, and reporter Richard Engel traveled back to Boston to surprise Cindy with a handwritten thank-you letter.

She said she may not be able to help everyone but she realized she could help one person.

(WATCH the video below from NBC)

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