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‘Voluntourism’ is a becoming a more common practice among college and high school students, as well as backpackers, looking for a more local travel experience. For many students, like those in their ‘gap year,’ it is their first attempt at a solo trip abroad, especially because volunteer travel is one of the most affordable and safest ways to see the world.

South Africa is a popular destinations for adventure traveling–and a number of volunteer organizations offer placements in cities and townships across the country.

Covering areas such as teaching, sports development, childcare, healthcare, animal conservation, and more, volunteers have a wide array of opportunities to make a difference in underprivileged lives in poorer areas of South African society. This not only helps make the world a better place, it also provides a platform to learn and understand about the typical native lifestyle, culture, languages, history, and more.

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Volunteers can choose to work for the program that suits their skill and interest, and during a time period that fits their schedule. They often plan for stays of 6-8 weeks to make a bigger difference for their projects.

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Volunteering in South Africa may not be the choice for every kind of traveler, but it certainly is one of the most experiential ways to explore local culture and make a difference while traveling abroad. Not only does it lets you experience the thrill South African adventures, but also lets you embrace the native lifestyle and make friends—on different soil—for lifetime.

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  1. Good to read! Voluntourism is a combination of touring a new country and doing some volunteer work that leaves a country a better place. It is now trending nowadays to take a gap year and experiencing new things by traveling abroad and working for the good cause of humanity. Volunteering in South Africa is a good choice to spend time with people who are less fortunate and to experience new things and to learn new things by spending time with them. Volunteer supplies foods, educational supplies, medical to the community who are living in unhealthy condition. Read here http://www.mission-humanitaire-afrique.org/ more about Voluntourism abroad.

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